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Noire Salon is your one stop shop hair care place in Fort Worth, TX. You will get the best service available in this industry.You can call me Mimi.

I am a licensed hair stylist who graduated from NATURAL MOTION in NEW JERSEY. I have over 15 years of experience.I am professional, creative, ambitious, friendly and reliable.Hair care for Women of All Culture.I am looking to collaborate likeminded customers.

Natural hair Care
All kind of hair braiding
Locks, sisterlocks, Flat iron
Weaves, Fusion , Lacefront


Best hair styles of noire hair salon


Hair Bride

$ 200.7

Qty :

Natural Hair

$ 100

Qty :


$ 400.3

Qty :


$ 300

Qty :


How much is a wash, trim, style?

Date Of Posting:    2015 Jan 11    Commented By:   Maria Samuels

Thank you very much, my braid and look are the proof of your good job......

Date Of Posting:    2014 Jun 10    Commented By:   sandy

I am in love with my hair,the shop,and the service i received. I am very hard to please when it comes to my hair

Date Of Posting:    2014 Jun 09    Commented By:   Ms.Warner

I was very happy with the job that Mimi did and I have been going to Mimi since then.

Date Of Posting:    2014 Jun 09    Commented By:   Ndeye Marie Dieng

I have been searching for an all around stylist for 11 years and was just about to grow dreads when I met Mimi.

Date Of Posting:    2014 Jun 09    Commented By:   Allison

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